Emergency Management Program Overview - About Us

Whole Community Resiliency GraphicOur Staff

  • Jenny Demaris, County Emergency Manager, and Public Health Preparedness Coordinator joined the Sheriff's Office team in September of 2011.
  • Samantha Buckley, Assistant County Emergency Manager, and Public Health Preparedness Coordinator joined the Sheriff's Office team in December of 2022.

Our Volunteers

  • Emergency Management Volunteers: We currently have 20 Emergency Management Volunteers on our Team, their backgrounds vary from Pharmacist, Pilot-Emergency Tech, Finance Administrator, Police Chief, Healthcare Advocate, Contract Coordinator, and other varied backgrounds. Our EM Volunteer Team averages over 800 hours each year of donated time.
  • Auxiliary Communications Service Volunteers: We currently have over 70 amateur Radio Operator Volunteers on our Team. They regularly test their communication equipment and protocols (monthly), hold at least two full-scale communication exercises each year, and average over 1,300 hours of donated time to our Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the communities of Lincoln County.
  • Medical Reserve Corps: We have a new volunteer group joining our team in 2020, the Medical Reserve Corps or MRC. They will focus on providing trained medical staff to support local public health and healthcare efforts.

Emergency Management Program Overview

The following link provides a detailed overview of the Emergency Management Program as orchestrated by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners through the delegation to the County Sheriff, Curtis Landers. The overview reviews the link between State and Federal guidelines, emergency operation center capabilities, training requirements, and emergency declaration guidelines.

Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan document guides the Emergency Manager and County Personnel through the guidelines of establishing an Emergency Operations Center for response to small, moderate, or catastrophic disasters under the jurisdictional authority of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. The incident annexes and supporting documents are provided on our public website due to sensitive information about our response plans and resource information. Questions can be directed to the County Emergency Manager.

Our Partners

The following is a list of public safety, government, private partner, and volunteer organizations we work with on a daily basis to plan for, respond to, and recover from emergency events. These same partners and methods used for emergency response are also utilized for preplanned events such as mass gatherings, marathons, parades, or special VIP events.

  • Fire Districts
  • Law
  • Dispatch - Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP)
  • Emergency Medical Services - Ambulance Providers
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Partners
  • Public Health
  • Water Districts
  • Public Works
  • Road Departments
  • Animal Services/Shelter
  • Other Emergency Management Representatives
  • Access and Functional Needs Support Service Organizations
  • Elementary and Secondary Private and Public School Systems
  • Volunteer Organizations: Community Emergency Response Teams, American Red Cross, Salvation Army
  • State Agencies: Oregon Department of Forestry, Transportation, Health Authority, Emergency Management, Military, State Fire Marshall, State Police, Parks, and Recreation, Geology and Minerals Industries
  • Federal Agencies: U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, FEMA, National Tsunami Warning Center, National Weather Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management