Emergency Management Program

Emergency ManagementThe Lincoln County Emergency Management Division has 20 volunteers on our Team. With a wide range of backgrounds our volunteers increase our capacity to prepare for and respond to pre-planned and no notice emergency events. Services provided our volunteers are equally as diverse as their backgrounds.

Our EM Volunteer Team averages over 790 hours each year of donated time. Most volunteers donate 10 - 20 hours per month. Current positions that we are still recruiting for include but are not limited to:

  • Historian
  • Call Center Team Leader
  • Large Animal Evacuation Plan Liaison
  • Private Business / Industry Liaison
  • Tracking Equipment and Resources Management Support
  • General Outreach Support
  • Liaisons to Specific Community Groups

If you have any interest in these position, please email Jenny Demaris, Lincoln County Emergency Manager, call her at 541-265-4199, or directly apply through our Sheriff's Office volunteer application.