Sheriff's Mounted Posse

Posse TrailerThe Lincoln County Sheriff's Mounted Posse averages over 6,000 volunteer hours per year. Events including parades, color guards, community projects, assisting Sheriff's Deputies at crime scenes, search and rescue, firework displays, Lincoln County Fair and Rodeo, tsunami training, animal rescue, 4-H shows, Seafood and Wine festival, and many more, are included in these volunteer hours.

Read the constitution and by-laws of the Sheriff's Mounted Posse (PDF).

How to Join the Lincoln County Sheriff's Mounted Posse

Minimum Requirements:

  • Citizen of Lincoln or adjacent county
  • Clean criminal record, and background check
  • Driver license for the state of Oregon
  • Qualified horse and display ability to handle appropriately (not required for Support Member)
  • Qualified horse equipment and trailer (not required for Support Member)
  • Ability to volunteer your time to the community
  • Ability to attend and pass training programs offered
  • Ability to attend monthly meetings
  • Ability to purchase required equipment

Support Membership available for members who do not have a horse or horse equipment.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Mounted Posse also has a Cadet Program for youth over the age of 16.

Some of the activities our Posse Members are involved in include:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Law enforcement and security
  • Parades
  • Trail ride and gaming
  • Handgun safety and competition
  • Scholarship promotion for youth


If you have an interest in law enforcement, search and rescue, or would like to support your community by volunteering, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Mounted Posse may be for you.

Submit an online Sheriff's Office Volunteer Application.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Posse $1,000 Scholarship

If you are a Lincoln County high school senior or graduate who is planning a career in animal husbandry, livestock management, game management or law enforcement and plan to attend an accredited college or university to reach this goal, you can apply for our scholarship. Just print and fill out the Scholarship Application (PDF) and mail it to the Sheriff's Office address. The application is due by May 1.

Request the Posse in Your Event

If your organization would like the Sheriff's Mounted Posse to participate in an event or parade, please print and fill out the Event Application (PDF) and mail it to the Sheriff's Office address. Thank you!

2020 Lincoln County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Officers

SheriffCurtis L. Landers
CaptainJerry Morrow
1st LieutenantJason Birrer
2nd LieutenantDave Loomis
SecretaryValerie Carkhuff
TreasurerLyle Mattson
ReporterCraig Wagner
Oregon Association of Mounted Posses RepresentativeDean Seamen
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