Strome Landing Park

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Strome Park is located on the Siletz River near the top of the tidal effected area, where the effect may be seen daily. The boat ramp is accessible at all river heights. With the expanded boat trailer parking area, concrete vault restrooms, convenient river access, this park is more popular than ever with boaters familiar with the Siletz River. The park consists of 2.6 acres, of the nearly 62 acres of the combined Brown Memorial Park / Strome Landing Parks. Strome Landing provides access to exceptional fishing, on the Siletz River near river mile 16, for Chinook as well as Steelhead when in season. The calm water here provides an excellent area for calm water kayaking and paddling.

  • Boats with motors, gas or electric, are allowed on the entire river.
  • Use of jet pump motors prohibited above Jack Morgan Park boat ramp.
  • An approved personal flotation device must be carried for each person. It is highly recommended that a life jacket be worn.