Ojalla Park

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Ojalla Park and Boat Slide was developed with the cooperation with the Oregon State Marine Board and the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The improvements include a boat slide with stairs to the river, parking for boat trailers, single car parking and a new vault restroom. There is a non-maintained trail that leads upriver from the park, for river access. Ojalla Park is located at River Mile 31.


  • Off load your boat onto upper ramp.
  • Attach a 140 foot rope to the boat, through the high lead rollers
  • Attach the other end to your vehicle.
  • Pull vehicle forward to remove slack in rope.
  • Push boat to lower end of the ramp and onto the upper part of the slide.
  • Slowly lower boat down slide to water by backing vehicle towards slide ramp. Stop when rope goes slack.
  • Secure the boat to tie loop on cross bracing and detach the lowering rope. Return rope to top of slide.


  • To retrieve boat, reverse the process. Stop when you see boat come over the break point and on to upper ramp.

NOTE: Due to theft of the rope, Lincoln County will no longer be supplying the 140-foot rope at the boat slide.