Voting Instructions

  • Examine the Ballot: Locate the candidates for each office and the yes or no choice for each measure.
  • Following the Instructions on the Ballot: mark your choice for each office or measure. (Use a Pencil or Pen)
  • To vote, you must fill in the oval ( ) completely!
  • To vote, for a candidate whose name is not on the ballot, write the full name of the candidate in the space provided and fill in the oval next to that write-in space.
  • After voting - seal the ballot in the ballot secrecy envelope.
  • Place the sealed secrecy envelope inside the return envelope and seal the return envelope.
  • Sign the return envelope in the space provided, and mail it in time to be received in the office of the County Clerk by Election Day (or postmarked by election day), or drop it off at a designated drop site (see drop site locations, this topic).
  • Remember to vote on both sides of your ballot (if applicable).

If you have any questions about the materials in your packet or how to vote, contact the Lincoln County Clerk's Office at 541-265-4131.