• You must have a license to operate a hotel, motel or a bed and breakfast that has more than two rooms.
  • All licensed facilities must pass a biannual health inspection. Inspection reports can be viewed at the Oregon State Portal website.
  • A license is also required for RV parks, organizational camp or outdoor mass gatherings.

Good to Know

If there is a food service operation accompanying the accommodation, a separate restaurant license is also required.


Get a License

Submit a completed Tourist Facility License Application (PDF) along with the license fee payment. A hotel or motel license takes 10 business days. Licenses for bed and breakfasts are granted after a plan review and pre-opening inspection. Bed and breakfasts must also obtain a restaurant license.


Based on the number of units: 2022 to 2023 Fee Schedule (PDF)

2022 a 2023 Programa de tarifas (PDF)


Licenses are good for one calendar year. Renew your license by paying the license fee by December 31 of each year.