Septic Repair and Replacement

Septic Repair and Replacement

Lincoln County and Oregon State University Extension Service expanded their successful septic replacement partnership for wildfire survivors in Otis to include all low- and middle-income homeowners in Lincoln County with damaged septic systems.

Repair or replacement of a damaged septic system can be out of financial reach even for people of moderate means, with costs ranging from a couple thousand dollars to in excess of $10,000. To ease this burden and help ensure all residents have access to clean, safe living spaces, the county and OSU Extension have launched the Lincoln County Septic and Water Assistance Program.


To qualify for the program, you must prove that you own your home and are low or middle income, which is based on a dollar amount that varies depending on the size of your household. For a household of one, the annual income limit is $38,640, while a household of eight qualifies for the program with a combined income of $133,980 a year or less. In between, the combined income limit for a household of four is $79,500.

If eligible and approved, you could have your septic system replaced at no cost to you. The county already has direct pay arrangements with a few contractors but is willing to add more contractors to the program.

Even if you’re not sure you qualify based on your income, but you have a damaged or failing septic system you cannot afford to replace, please apply or contact Kelci Free for more information at or 541-619-3902. 

The application can be found at