Community & Economic Development Grant 2021

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners have awarded the 2021-22 CEDFG grants for local community and economic development projects.

The Board of Directors of the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County reviewed and made recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding the funding requests. The Board of Commissioners made the final determination on awards:

  • Pioneer Telephone Cooperative - Waldport Fiber Project - Broadband: $60,000
  • City of Waldport - Food Cart Project (phase 1) - $7,400
  • Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon - Second Home - $10,000
  • Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce - Website and Google My Business Creation for Small Business - $13,200
  • Lincoln City Parks and Recreation - Childcare (Various) - $14,499
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium - EV Charging Station - $12,525
  • Oregon Coast Council for the Arts - Arts and Economic Prosperity Study - $7,000
  • View the Future - Portals to Bridging Cultures and Healing Hearts - $5,376

This year, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, made positive changes to the grant to coincide with the Economic Development Listening Sessions of 2021. $60,000 of the total monies were awarded to a single larger project aimed at Broadband, Childcare, and/or Housing. The remainder of the fund ($70,000) were allocated to smaller projects, specifically those who illustrate project sustainability and leveraging of funds.

Lincoln County receives funds from the Oregon Lottery based on the play of video lottery in the county. The Board of Commissioners has elected to use this resource to help with local community and economic development projects through the Grant Program; support the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County and the Small Business Development Center through the Oregon Coast Community College; and provide low interest loans to small businesses through Cascades West Council of Governments.

The Board of Commissioners continues to focus on economic development and the County seeks to allocate the funds to economic development projects, with a focus on job creation and/or retention, and to community development.

Contact Kristi Peter, at 541-265-4100 or with questions.