Map Standards

  1. Map sizes: 8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14, 18 x 24, 11 x 17 and 14 x 17. Maps having more than one sheet must be the same size, with page numbers and total number of pages on each sheet. 209.250(2)
  2. Dense black permanent ink on a stable base material (100% rag, bond, vellum or mylar) Not accepted: xerographic process copies, ballpoint or felt pens. 209.250 (2)
  3. All information must be legible and capable of being reproduced clearly for copies and microfilm. 209.250(2)
  4. Reserve a minimum 1/2 inch border space. 209.250(2). A 1 inch border for all partitions, subdivision, and condominium plats. 92.080
  5. Reserve an additional area big enough for a stamp 1-inch x 2-1/2 inches in the upper right corner for the filing stamp. 209.250(2)
  6. For whom the survey was conducted. 209.070(2)
  7. Date of the survey, reflecting date monuments were set or reset. File map within 45 days of this date. 209.250(1)(3)
  8. Scale of the drawing multiples of ten 209.250(3c)
  9. North arrow 209.250(3c)
  10. Street or road names or numbers.
  11. Surveyor's seal and signature (on each page) with expiration date of license. ORS 209.250(3g), OAR 820-15-0035, OAR 820-10-0620
  12. Surveyor's business name and address 209.250(3h)
  13. Location of the survey by Township, Range, Section and 1/4 Section. 209.250(3a)
  14. Show the basis of bearing on the line represented on the map noting the reference (Polaris, Solar, Geodetic Control Points, County Survey, etc.) ORS 209.250(3d,e).
  15. Measured distance and course to a monumented government corner or a monumented lot corner of a recorded subdivision. ORS 209.250(3d).
  16. Identify all monuments set or found along with a detailed monument description. ORS 209.250(2e).
  17. Show the mathematical relationship between found and set monuments. Bearings and distances (new and/or record) on all applicable lines. Distinctively note record information with recording reference (CS Number 's, etc.) ORS 209.250(3e,f).
  18. Narrative to include: 209.250(2)
    1. Statement of purpose
    2. How lines were established
    3. Which deed records controlled
    4. Which deed elements controlled
    5. Which survey records controlled
    6. Which found survey monuments controlled
    7. Which plat records controlled
    8. Which road records controlled
    9. Other controlling data or factors
  19. If the narrative is a separate document it shall be the same size as the map. The separate narrative shall also include: 209.250(2)
    1. Location of survey by Township, Range, Section and 1/4 Section
    2. Date of survey
    3. Surveyor's seal and signature
    4. Surveyor's business name and address
  20. Comply with the survey requirements of Lincoln County Code