Sex Offender Supervision

Sex offender supervision and community notification is a critical component to the Lincoln County Parole and Probation Department's mission of public safety.

A total of approximately 70 sex offenders are currently under supervision in Lincoln County. These offenders have been convicted of a variety of sex offenses and represent varying levels of risk to the community.

  • Community Notification: Based upon the level of risk determined through use of a validated risk assessment, some of these offenders are subject to the legal requirements of Community Notification.
  • Statewide Registration: All offenders who have committed crimes listed in ORS 181.594 are subject to mandatory statewide registration.
  • Formal Probation: Although many sex offenders are sent to prison as a result of their conviction, some offenders are placed directly on formal probation and those in prison will ultimately return to the community under parole or post-prison supervision.

Lincoln County Sex Offender Supervision Officer

What is Lincoln County Parole and Probations doing to ensure both short term and long-term public safety in the supervision of sex offenders?

The supervision of sex offenders is a very challenging public safety responsibility. Lincoln County Parole and Probation has a sex offender supervision officer (Phone: 541-265-8851) that has received training unique to the supervision of sex offenders. This Officer focuses on public safety in the supervision of sex offenders by:

  • Completing pre-sentence reports so that necessary information is available at the time of sentencing.
  • Making the public aware of predatory sex offenders... through the media, contact with police agencies, distribution of information to neighborhoods, etc.
  • Ensuring that all sex offenders are required to participate in evaluation and/or treatment programs...and hold them accountable to that requirement.
  • Requiring that sex offenders routinely submit to polygraph examination, both to determine prior history and to determine compliance with the conditions of their supervision.
  • Working closely with treatment providers, police, victims' advocates, and social service agencies so that information on supervised sex offenders is shared.
  • Participating in a statewide group of community corrections parole and probation officers who specialize in sex offender be certain that we are continuously accessing the best information on supervision techniques.
  • Routinely access available national research on the supervision and treatment of sex offenders to ensure that we are operating in a manner that 'works'.

If you have information regarding sex offenders under supervision, that information can be provided confidentially to the Lincoln County Sex Offender Supervision Officer at 541-265-0178 or 541-265-0191.

National and State-Level Sex Offender Networks

  • National Information on the supervision of sex offenders: Center for Sex Offender Management is available at
  • Oregon State Information on the Oregon Sex Offender Supervision Network: