Performing Physical Inspections & Reassessments

Assessor’s Office Reappraising areas along the Alsea River

Lincoln County Assessor’s Office will be conducting a reappraisal of all rural residential, farm and forest properties up the Alsea River Basin and surrounding areas.

Specific areas include (but not limited too): Riverfront properties along the Alsea (both sides) and adjacent land tracts to riverfront. Additionally, reappraisal of the rural tract land between highway 20 and the Alsea River that have not already been reappraised will be included. Beaver Creek and Rural Yachats reappraisal will start the following year and are not included in this year’s reappraisal area. Appraisal staff will be driving county vehicles and carrying Assessor’s office identification. 

Physical reappraisals are routinely conducted to update the Lincoln County assessment records and maintain equitable assessments. Newly reappraised values in these areas will be reflected on the 2023-24 tax statements which will be mailed in late October 2023. Appraisal questions may be directed to appraisal staff by calling (541) 265-4102.

Access to Assessor’s Office maps and other property records continue to be available on the Assessor’s web page at:

For additional information or questions please contact the Lincoln County Assessor’s Office at:

Phone:  (541) 265-4102