What about consent to sex?

Oregon law does not give individuals the ability to consent to sex until the age of 18; however, there are a few important points to consider. Sexual activity is a normal part of development, and according to the 2009 Oregon Healthy Teens Survey, 1 of 11th grade students:

  • Forty-eight % have had sexual intercourse.
  • Of those, 58% reported using a condom.

Ensuring that young adults have proper resources and information on sexual activity is important for them to make healthy choices.

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1. Who is considered a minor and why does this matter?
2. What is consent?
3. What are some common health services and consent?
4. Who has access to Family planning/sexual and reproductive health (ORS 109.610, ORS 109.640)?
5. What about consent to sex?
6. Do minors have confidentiality of health care services?