What should schools do?
  • Share this bulletin with parents and caregivers.
  • Train school staff to know the signs of an opioid overdose (see above).
  • Have Narcan® available in case an overdose occurs on campus.
  • Work with your Department of Education to create new drug education curriculums that include current information on fentanyl. Schools can facilitate this education through media campaigns and other primary prevention strategies.
  • State health departments and departments of education should work together to create and implement new curriculum. Examples include: Fake and Fatal and Operation Prevention.
  • Engage with your local public health and public safety agencies to identify and implement strategies meaningful to your local jurisdiction.

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1. What is fentanyl?
2. Why is fentanyl a threat to youth in Oregon?
3. How can schools and parents work together to reduce youth overdose risks?
4. What should schools do?
5. What should parents do?