Lincoln County Animal Shelter

About UsA short haired, brown and black tabby kitten with a white chest and feet sitting on a tile floor

Your Lincoln County Animal Shelter (LCAS) is the only animal shelter in Lincoln County.  Our primary function is to provide a safe and humane facility to house dogs found running at large and animals impounded by law enforcement, as well as to provide Lincoln County pet licensing services.

LCAS strives to go above and beyond what is legally required by providing an enriching environment to the animals in our care, pet adoption services, pet surrendering services as space and resources allow, as well as pet retention programs to help pets stay with their families.

Our goal is to be a model animal shelter for small, rural communities by providing progressive animal care and promoting responsible pet guardianship through licensing and education. 

Make a Report

To report found dogs, injured or abandoned animals, abuse or neglect, please call Dispatch to reach an Animal Services Deputy at 541-265-0777. Thank you for caring!