Healthy Lincoln County Coalition

County Coalition

Health Promotion is working hard to bring together a community coalition working toward the common goal of improving access and opportunities for better overall health and reducing health burdens in Lincoln County.

Interested in participating? Please email the Health Promotion Department or call 541-265-0545

Our Method, Collective Impact

Collective Impact (n) - A community coming together around a backbone organization as a team of equals to collaborate on solutions that no one organization can implement on its own.

Collective Impact is a structured way to unite a community of diverse people and achieve truly meaningful social change. By bringing everyone to the table and building relationships between them, Collective Impact accomplishes a community's goals through key elements of success:

  • A Common Agenda, collectively putting forth a unified vision of a better community
  • Shared Measurements, providing meaningful feedback to everyone involved
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities, avoiding duplication in favor of cooperation
  • Continuous Communication, reinforcing trust and relationships between partners
  • A Strong Backbone, orchestrating the hard work done through a unified initiative