Communicable Disease

24/7 contact information

To report Communicable Diseases and Outbreaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Call 541-265-4112
  • Fax: 541-265-4191

How we help

Lincoln County Public Health works to ensure the safety of our community.

 We do that by:

  • Tracking disease trends
  • Investigating disease outbreaks
  • Preventing the spread of communicable diseases
  • Providing disease prevention services
  • Providing education to health care providers, school personnel, employers and the public

Contact Us - 

Lincoln County Public Health 

For questions regarding a communicable disease, Immunizations or to schedule a test for a sexually transmitted Infection:

Please call 541-265-0587 

or visit us at

Nye Street Clinic
36 SW Nye Street
Newport, Or 97365

Looking for a primary care provider? Call the Federally Qualified Health Center to make an appointment 541-265-4947.

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