A tall stack of apples at an early 19th century Lincoln County Fair

The Fairgrounds

The Lincoln County Fairgrounds has been an important gathering place for more than 100 years. The fair itself celebrated its centennial in 2008, 15 years after the county was founded, and it remains the largest event held at what is now called the Lincoln County Commons. 

The Commons

The new name reflects a change to a multi-venue, community-wide focus and to hosting a variety of events throughout the year. The concept arose from a blue-ribbon panel formed to reimagine the county fairgrounds future after the Board of Commissioners took control from a resigning Fair Board in 2009.

The Commons also hosts activities of the Oregon State University Extension's 4-H program, and a complete renovation of the barn used by 4-Hers for livestock was recently completed with a grant from the state of Oregon.

That renovation, though not included in the 2019 master plan, provides a glimpse of the transformation planned for the coming years.