Payment Options

Payments must have a postmark no later than November 15th. If the postmark is later than November 15th, discount is not allowed and interest will accrue on the past due installment. The interest rate is 1.333% per month or fraction of a month until paid. (ORS 311.505)

Two Party Checks are Not accepted.

  • Make your check, cashier's check or money order payable to Lincoln County Tax Collector.
  • Return the lower portion of your tax statement (detachable coupon) with your check using the enclosed blue envelope.
    •  Write in the amount of your payment on the coupon. The return envelope can be used for the November 15th payment, February 15th and May 15th payment.
    • Write your account number(s) on your check.
  • Mail your payment to:
    225 W Olive Street
    Room 205
    Newport, OR 97365
  • Your canceled check is your receipt. If you require a paper receipt, enclose a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your payment. You can also get a copy of your receipt by going to the Property Information website.
  • Your envelope must be post-marked by the due date to be considered on time. If you are mailing a payment very close to the due date, go into the post office and have them hand-stamp your envelope with the date you take it in.