Employee Benefits

Lincoln County provides a comprehensive employee benefits package to all benefit eligible employees* which includes medical, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurance, along with a healthy benefits program. Lincoln County is proud to partner with City County Insurance Services (CIS) on the design, selection, and administration of our benefit plans.

Retirement Benefits

Lincoln County provides retirement plans to its eligible employees; a 401(k) plan to general benefit-eligible employees, and Oregon Public Employment Retirement System (PERS) for certain public safety employees. 

For employees eligible for the 401(k) Plan:

  • Lincoln County contributes 11% to the plan beginning with your first paycheck
  • 4 year vesting (dependent upon hire date and number of hours worked per year)
  • Voluntary employee contributions can begin immediately on the first day of hire
  • Vesting is immediate if you are age 55 or older when hired
  • Voluntary contributions are subject to IRS allowed limits

For PERS-eligible employees:

  • Lincoln County contributes both the employer and employee contributions as a rate of gross subject wages as determined by the State of Oregon
  • 5 year vesting
  • For some PERS-eligible Public Safety officers, PERS offers the voluntary purchase of "units"
  • Other voluntary retirement contributions may be made through Lincoln County's 457 Plan after 6 full months of employment
  • PERS information online

Employee Reference Book

The Lincoln County Finance Department has prepared the following handbook to assist employees in understanding the options available to them through the various non-PERS retirement plans, cafeteria plan, and Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP).

See Employee Retirement Reference Book (PDF).

Important Note

Not all employees are eligible to participate in all plans. For specific information about what benefits are available to employees, non-represented employees should refer to the County Personnel Rules (See attachment below) and represented employees should refer to their specific collective bargaining agreements.

Paid Time Off

Lincoln County also provides benefit eligible employees with paid time off for various reasons including vacation, sick leave, personal days, bereavement leave and Holidays. Certain leave benefits accrue at a higher rate depending on length of service with the County. Specific information on the types and amounts of leave available to employees can be found in the Personnel Rules (PDF) and collective bargaining agreements currently in place.