Tax Office Frequently Asked Questions

When will tax statements be mailed

No later than October 25th

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I'm leaving town prior to October 25th, how will I know what to pay?

Tax amounts are available after certification, generally by the middle of October.

Call our office: (541) 265-4139. We will give you the amount due, your account number, and the address to where your payment must be mailed or you can leave a temporary address with us, your statement will be pulled and forwarded to you with your with your temporary address. Your mailing address on the tax roll will not be changed.

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Does my payment need to be in the tax office by November 15th?

No. Your tax payment must be postmarked by November 15th. By Oregon law, payments postmarked after November 15th do not receive discounts. Interest will accrue on the past due portion.

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If I am paying in installments, will I get a reminder notice for my 2nd & 3rd installment payment?

Yes. We will send a reminder notice for both installments.

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Can I post-date my check?

Lincoln County does not recommend payment by a post-dated check. All checks are processed the same day received.

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