Obtain an Alarm Permit

As of January 30, 2017, the Public Safety Alarms section of Chapter 7 of the Lincoln County Code (LCC) is being reviewed and updated.  The ordinance adopting this portion of the LCC occurred in 1983 and several of the conditions and/or requirements are no longer pertinent and have become outdated. 

In February, 2011, your Sheriff’s Office implemented a Verified Alarm Response (VAR) Program which has reduced the service time for deputies to respond to false alarms and improved utilization of their time on other much needed services for the citizens of Lincoln County.  With the implementation of the VAR Program, the fees for false alarms outlined in the LCC have become a thing of the past and, as such, we hope to incorporate those changes as we make revisions to the LCC.

During this time of review and revision to sections 7.705 through 7.775 of the LCC, we will not be requiring citizens to obtain or pay fees on new alarm permits or annual renewals.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at 541-265-4912.