Road Maintenance and Operations

Division location:
410 NE Harney Street
Newport, OR 97365

The Department's primary function is to maintain the County Road System and to respond to public emergencies.

The County Road System serves three main functions:

  1. It provides access to large public and private timber tracts.
  2. It provides for commerce and industry.
  3. It links areas of population as a secondary system to the state highway system.

The majority of the staff and equipment is headquartered in Newport. There are two satellite facilities. One is at Eckman Creek in the Waldport area and the other is at the south end of Lincoln City (Cutler City).


The Lincoln County Road Department maintains approximately 335 miles of paved and graveled roads throughout the county.

Surface Type Miles
Paved Miles 191.92
Rocked Miles 143.43
Total Maintained Miles 335.35
Routine Road and Bridge Maintenance includes:
  • Surface Maintenance – Rocking and grading of gravel roads; patching, chip sealing, sweeping, crack sealing and overlaying of paved roads.
  • Traffic Services – Removal of road hazards (slides trees, rocks, washouts, snow plowing, sanding.
  • Drainage structures – Culvert and ditch maintenance and installation.
  • Traffic control devices – Investigation, installation, repair and replacement of signs, Pavement markings (striping centerline, fog lines, stop lines, crosswalks).
  • Structure maintenance – Maintaining and replacing bridges, guardrails and retaining walls in the road system.
  • Emergency response to road hazards and natural disasters.

Engineering, Surveying, and contract management for pavement preservation and capital improvement projects (including Local Improvement Districts).

Regulation, inspection, and administration of work and development within the public road right of way (utilities, access to the county road).

Permitting of oversize loads on county roads.

Acquisition, maintenance, and fueling of heavy equipment and fleet vehicles for all County departments.