Eckman Creek Road is Open

(Lincoln County, OR – 08.1.18)

Eckman Creek Road is Open.

(Lincoln County, OR – 07.19.18)

The following is an update from Lincoln County Road Department; this information was sent via Lincoln Alerts to landline numbers and opt in profiles 07/19/19 at 9:00am.

1.  Due to unexpected delays in material delivery, the contractor was forced to stand down last weekend (July 14 and 15).  The materials have been delieved to the site and construction activities are now back on track.  The contractor was able to adjust the project schedule and the date for road re-opening is unchanged (July 30).  

2.  Forest Service has confirmed its committment to banning log truck traffic from the detour route.  We have signed the detour route as "no log trucks" and expect no further conflicts.

3. On Monday, July 23, the Contractor will be bringing in a large crane via the detour route.  We will close the detour route during that time.  Expect a two hour closure duration.  The crane and associated equipment will remain at the construction site the afternoon of the 23rd and all day on the 24th.  We will close the detour route again on the 25th to move the equipment out.  Again, expect a two hour closure.

4.  Due to a conflict between the crane and overhead power lines, electric power will be disrupted (turned off) from 8 am until 5 pm on July 24th.  We know this will be a big inconvenience to you and apologize for the disturbance.  But to keep everyone safe at the construction site, we must de-energize the power lines. 

Please don't hesitate to call Steve Hodge at Lincoln County Public Works at 541-265-5747 if you have any concerns. 


(Lincoln County, OR – 07.06.18)

The following is an update from Lincoln County Road Department and confirmation of planned project start date.

Road Project Update:

Travelers can expect short delays between (July 2-8) as utilities move power poles, relocate water lines, and perform other activities as needed to prepare for the installation of the new precast pipe arch.  The County’s contractor, JRT Construction, LLC, continues to prep the site for construction and is in the process of mobilizing equipment to the site.  Eckman Creek Road at mile post 1 will be closed for construction on July 9, 2018.  It will reopen on July 30. The detour route has been graded and smoothed.  Detour signs will be added early next week.  Remember, while driving the detour route, CB channel 1 can be used to inform others that you are on the forest road.  

Public Safety Update:

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division will provide additional Patrol presence and has also been in contact with the United States Forest Service Law Enforcement Representative regarding increased presence in this area.

Willamette Valley Communications Center (Dispatch), Pacific West Ambulance, Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue, and Yachats Rural Fire Protection District are aware and ready for the detour route if dispatched for emergency situations in the detour area.

(Lincoln County, OR – 5.30.18)

Eckman Creek Road Will Be Closed At Mp 1.1 From July 9th To July 30th, 2018.  A project meeting will be held at Waldport City Hall on June 4th, 2018 at 6:00 pm to explain the project, address any concerns and answer questions.

A severe winter storm hit the Oregon Coast during December of 2015.  Heavy rainfall caused flooding and initiated landslides throughout Lincoln County.  Runoff from the mountainous area east of Eckman road converged at the entrance of the twelve foot diameter culvert beneath the road. Rocks, limbs and other debris jammed inside the culvert causing severe damage to its structure, reducing the culvert’s flow capacity and causing a rise of flood water until a torrent spilled over the top taking a good section of county road with it.  County technicians reduced the threat of complete road failure by notching a section of the roadway and installing a four foot diameter bypass pipe. Since that time, the section of Eckman road above the creek remains a single travel lane with concrete barriers acting as guardrails. 

The winter storm of 2015 was declared a disaster event by local, state and federal authorities.  Lincoln County Public Works has been working with FEMA to secure funding, address environmental concerns, obtain permits, and complete engineering plans.  The damaged 12 foot culvert will be replaced with a 36 foot span, 11’ 8” rise precast concrete pipe arch.  The project has been advertised and awarded to JRT Construction.  On site construction activities will begin on June 18, 2018.

ECKMAN CREEK ROAD WILL BE CLOSED AT MP 1.1 FROM JULY 9TH TO JULY 30TH, 2018.  During this time you must use a detour route starting at the end of County Maintenance on Eckman Creek Road (MP 1.6) to USFS RD 5360 to USFS RD 1045 to W. Dicks Fork LN to Hwy 101.  The detour route will be clearly signed and the forest roads will be graded and cleared of vegetation.  The public is invited:  a project meeting will be held at Waldport City Hall on June 4th, 2018 at 6:00 pm to explain the project, address any concerns and answer questions.

Steve Hodge, P.E.
County Engineer
Lincoln County Public Works
880 NE 7th Street
Newport, OR 97365