Drift Creek Bridge

Drift Creek bridge at its new location

This bridge was originally constructed in 1914, however, it is possible that it was destroyed by a flood and rebuilt in 1933. Over the years, coastal weather had caused decay and rot to many of the timbers used in construction of the bridge.

The Drift Creek Bridge was condemned for safety reasons in the Fall of 1997.

Saved from Demolition

This bridge has undergone many changes in the past few years. Residents of Lincoln County have volunteered and spent many hours meeting with various organizations to save the bridge from being demolished. Laura and Kerry Sweitz began a non-profit "Save the Covered Bridge" group. Their main objective was to move the Drift Creek Bridge 66'10" in length, to a permanent concrete bridge on their private property also 66'10" in length. This strange coincidence and the help from many believers, made the move possible.

Today the covered bridge's main frame stands on the concrete decking of the Sweitz's bridge. The bridge belongs to Lincoln County, but is being maintained privately and may be accessed on the Bear Creek property in Otis, OR.

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Drift Creek bridge closure
Drift Creek bridge rebuild
Drift Creek bridge siderot
Drift Creek bridge new location