Planning & Development

Department of Planning and Development

The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for the administration of land use planning, building inspection, on-site sewage disposal and related land development regulatory programs in the unincorporated county. Comprehensive planning, zoning and land use approvals, permitting of new construction and other building improvements, and permits for the installation and repair of on-site sewage disposal (septic) systems are all handled by our department.

Functionally, the department has three divisions:
Planning Division

The Planning Division administers and maintains the county's locally adopted comprehensive land use plan and land use code (Lincoln County Code, Chapter 1). Basic functions include reviewing various types of land use and development applications ("current planning"), and the update and revision of the various elements of the comprehensive plan and land use code ("long range planning"). Planners are available during regular business hours at our public service counter to provide assistance and answer questions on matters related to planning and zoning. The Planning division also provides staff support to the operations of the Lincoln County Planning Commission, which acts as a hearings and advisory body to the Board of County Commissioners on land use planning issues.

Building Division

The Building Division administers the county’s building permit and inspection program. This function involves the review of construction plans, the issuance of permits and the field inspection of work in progress for compliance with state construction specialty codes, including structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical. These services are also provided to small cities within the county on a contract basis. This program operates through a local "delegation of authority" from the state Building Codes Division.

Lincoln County participates in the statewide ePermitting program, which provides a full range of building services online for your convenience. Licensed contractors may use the ePermitting program to apply for permits.  Contractors and property owners can pay fees and schedule inspections online through ePermitting.  To access ePermitting online, click here:

On-Site Waste Management Division

The On Site Waste Division administers the Department of Environmental Quality regulations governing the siting, installation and repair of on-site sewage disposal systems. Principal functions include the technical evaluation of proposed new construction sites and the design and repair of disposal systems. The county administers this program as a contract agent of the Department of Environmental Quality through an intergovernmental agreement.

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