Mike Miller Park

Mike Miller Park trails
Schedule and Fees:

This is a day use only area only with no fee. Special provisions apply to the trail, rules are posted at the trailhead.

Will Emery has donated 5.8 acres of land on the southern boundary of the park that contains large riparian woodland along a large pond. He has personally paid for trail development through that area.
Mr. Emery through his gifts to Lincoln County, have made it possible to accomplish several goals that were developed by a committee 29 years ago. The Board of Commissioners has recognized his generosity and partnership by naming one segment of trail as “Emery Trail”, as shown.

Lincoln County has received a Recreational Trails Grant administered by Oregon State Parks. These funds are made available from the FHWA and ODOT.
This grant will allow Lincoln County to replace wood decking  and rails on bridges, replace wood benches, add new directional signs, and provide for additional trail construction of Emery Trail to the trail head.

Park Description

Mike Miller Educational Park is a forty acre parcel of land showing various mini eco-systems. Park brochures are available explaining the educational nature trail with informational guides referencing each area.

This is a unique forest of the Pacific Northwest because of its Sitka Spruce trees, as well as Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Coastal Pine trees. A well maintained woodland nature trail is the main attraction of this park. There are bridges, observation decks, and benches along the trail to sit and listen to bird calls, watch small animals, and enjoy the beauty of native coastal vegetation.

At the trailhead there are bike racks as well as parking for vehicles. The trail is approximately one mile long and takes 45-60 minutes to walk.

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Viewing Deck
Mike Miller Trail Guide Sign