Community Service Program

Juveniles performing community service projects

The LCJCS program's mission is to provide a safe and stable environment to assist the youth in completing their community service obligations, while learning job skills and training to reinforce the healthy development of self-esteem.

Juveniles assigned to the program are adjudicated offenders or on a Formal Accountability Agreement with a juvenile court counselor.

Accountability with Benefits

While accountability is one of the main aspects of this program, a continual effort is made to promote a positive and rewarding experience for each youth involved. For many of these young people this will be their first exposure to the job market. Through the JCSP young offenders learn the importance of showing up for work on time, how to follow instructions, along with teamwork, social skills, respect and an awareness of self image.

Worksite and Fees

Rates vary on each job. Please feel free to call for more information or complete and send in the work request form (See Attachment Below) with a complete description of your project.

Many of the community service hours are spent working with local events. These functions allow the youth to become involved in their own communities and to work side by side with other volunteers.

Contact Us

Any Lincoln County community, sponsoring an event, is welcome to contact the Community Service Coordinator.

Juveniles performing community service projects