FREE Family Child Health Nurse Visiting Services

Health & Wellness for Families & Children

FREE Family Child Health Nurse Visiting Services in Lincoln County.

It is hard being a parent; from experiencing pregnancy, what to expect for labor and delivery, to going home, and the years to follow. We understand. In collaboration with Linn and Benton Counties, Lincoln County Public Health offers an array of services and programs for women, families, support people, and children aged 0-5. Nurses are available to meet individuals where they are most comfortable; whether that is at the library, a friend’s house, their own home, or elsewhere. Service offered include pregnancy education, health coaching, baby health checks, depression screening, playgroups, information on oral health, health care coordination, and much more. Programs and information can be tailored to the needs of your family, baby, children, and you!

Programs and services are free of charge. Programs are flexible and customizable. Lincoln County Public Health also has programs to support and coordinate care for families with children who have special need up to the child’s 21 birthday if needed. The goal of family and child health programs is to promote the highest care and health for your family. Programs such as Family Connects, Nurse Family Partnership, CaCoon, and Babies First are just some of the programs available. To follow the Lincoln County Public Health Family and Child Health team, find them on Facebook at Lincoln County Family & Child Nurse Visiting or the general Lincoln County Public Health page. You can also find more information about offered programs at or by calling 541-265-0457.