Crisis / Triage

Contact Person for Referral:
Crisis Coordinator


Adults:  (541) 574-5960  - day
Children: (541)265-4179 - day

1-888-232-7192  (After hours)


Screening requests for crisis services during normal working hours:

  • Providing follow-up care after a crisis and brief therapy.
  • After-hours counselor contact for crisis by calling 911 or 1-888-232-7192. The 888 calls are triaged by staff in Portland then forwarded to on-call LCHHS staff if necessary. People in crisis who need to be seen face-to-face are generally seen at the local hospital, jail, police stations or other safe locations.
  • Civil commitments (court proceeding for those who cannot care for their needs or are a danger to themselves or others)
  • Hospitalization for acute mental health issues.

Services are provided regardless of insurance coverage or income.