Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Attachments
Agricultural Placement Application
Application for Floodplain Dev. Residential Development
Application for Non-Residential Development
Application for Remedial Sand Grading and Removal
Application for Residential Development
Birth & Death Certificates
Building Permit Application
Candidate Filing Packet for May 17, 2016 Primary Election
Change of Address Form
Citizen Communication Form
Citizen Report Form
Client Monthly Report Form
Commons Rental Agreement
Communicable Disease (CD) Nursing
Community and Economic Development Grant
Contact Us
Disease & Animal Bite Reporting
Easement form, 2 lots, 1 owner
Easement form, 2 lots, 2 owners
Electrical Permit Application
Emergency Preparedness Matching Grant Program
Fee Schedule Surveyor
Filing Form - SEL101 Major Party and Nonpartisan Candidate Filing Form
Filing Form - SEL102 Major Party Candidate Signature Form
Filing Form - SEL105 Precinct Committeeperson Filing Form
Filing Form - SEL121 Nonpartisan and District Candidate Signature Form
Filing Form - SEL190 District Candidate Filing Form
Generic Committee Application
Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance
High Efficiency Interior Lighting Form
Homeowner Responsibility Form
Inspection Request Form
Lincoln Community Health Center Financial Assistance Application
Lincoln County Ambulance Service Concern Form
Lincoln County CERT Assistance Request
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Volunteer Application
Lincoln County Solid Waste Disposal Service District Advisory Committee Application
Lincoln County Voter's Pamphlet
Lincoln Land Legacy Program
Log Drug Traffic in Your Neighborhood
Manufactured Home Placement Application
Map Standards Check Sheet
Mechanical Applications
Moisture Sensitive Wood Framing Form
Nonprofit Social Service Agency Allocations
Obtain an Alarm Permit
Onsite Waste Management Applications
Pet Foster / Volunteer Application
Pet Licensing Information