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Pacific NW Buoy Deployment

Marine Customers & Coastal Emergency Managers

The NWS deployed a new deep water buoy on Nov 11, 2004 as part of the Coastal Storms Initiative project to help improve weather and marine forecasts for the Pacific Northwest. The buoy identifier is 46089 and is accessible via the National Weather Service website as well as the National Data Buoy Center or NDBC Station 46089.

The buoy is located approximately 75 nautical miles northwest of Tillamook, Oregon (45' 54"N and 125' 45'W (deg min) in a water depth of 1100-1300 fathoms. Observations consist of the standard suite of Meteorological and Ocean Parameters:

Air Temp
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Peak Wind
Atmospheric Pressure
Dew Point Temperature

Water Temperature
Wave Height
Significant Wave Height
Non Directional Wave Spectra

Additional Data:
Directional Wave Spectra
Ocean Currents
(For 17 selected bins through the water column)
Continuous Winds