Documents, Reports, and Presentations

Title Attachments
Onsite Waste Management Checklists
Onsite Waste Management Division
Organization Chart
Park and County Property Restrictions
Personnel Rules
Plan and Prepare: Wildfire Public Health Information
Plan Overview
Planning Commission
Planning Commission Meeting
Planning Division
Planning for your Pets
Plans and Reports
Plumbing Guide
Preliminary Fairgrounds Plan - Public Meeting - June 19th, Lincoln City
Preliminary Fairgrounds Plan - Public Meeting - June 29th, Waldport
Preliminary Fairgrounds Plan - Public Meeting - June 30th, Newport
Preliminary Fairgrounds Plan - Public Meetings - June 2015 (Toledo)
Public Health Advisory Committee Meeting
Public Works
Ready, Set, Go - Evacuation Levels
Report by Don Mann - Fairgrounds Recommendations
Report Drug Activity
Road Maintenance and Operations
SAIL Program
Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
Sheriff's Office Organizational Chart
Sheriff's Office Policy Manual
Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan 2017-2020
Smoke Free Housing
Special Road Districts
Stay Connected to an Inmate
Support Services Division
Tax Foreclosed Property Auction
Tax Foreclosed Property for Sale
Transit Intercity Bus Schedule
Transportation System Plan
Union Contracts
Vegetation Management
Veterans Preference
Video and Survey - Commons Master Plan
Video Visitation
Volunteer Program
Who Pays Lincoln County Property Taxes?
Zoning Maps