Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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Lincoln Land Legacy Program Download Center
2016 Juvenile Annual Report
2017 Remodel of the Lincoln County Jail Lobby
Action Plans
Adoption Information
Ambulance Service Review Committee
American Red Cross
Animal Services and Protection
Animal Shelter Resources
Annual County Budget Reports
Appendix A - Evacuation Maps
Appendix B - Plan and Policy Documents
Appendix C - Intersection vs. Figures
Appendix D - Traffic Analysis Methodology
Appendix E - Intersection Capacity Analysis
Appendix F - State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Project Descriptions
Appendix G - Travel Demand Forecasting
Appendix H - Future Build Capacity Analyses
Appendix I - Future Queuing Analysis
Appendix J - Preliminary Turn and Signal Warrant Analyses
Appendix K - Measures of Effectiveness
Appendix L
Appendix M - Connect Oregon Grant Application Summaries
Appendix N - Projects Listed in City TSBs
Appendix O - Roadway Project Cost Estimates
Appendix P - Public Involvement
Appendix Q - Lincoln County Bicycle Plan
Appendix R
Appendix S - TPR Compliance Checklist
Assessor Reappraising in areas of Lincoln City
Auxiliary Communications Service
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Blue Ribbon Committee Report and Survey
Budget Committee Meeting: May 20th
Budget Committee Meeting: May 5th
Budget Committee Meeting: May 6th
Budget Committee Meetings: 2016
Budget Committee Meetings: May 2015
Building Division
Building Permits Issued
CERT Chapters of Lincoln County, Oregon
Coast to Valley Express Bus Schedule
Common Concerns and Solutions Regarding Community Cats
Common Zoning Requirements
Common Zoning Requirements
Compensation Plan
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) & Federal Single Audit Report
Comprehensive Plan
Crash Investigation Technology Information