Volunteer Program - District Attorney's Office

The Victims' Assistance Program is looking for volunteers to help our victims in their journeys through the criminal justice process. We will train you in victims' assistance, program policies and provide the needed information. If you want to help, please contact our office at the address below.

Victims' Assistance

Office volunteers provide clerical support to the Victim's Advocates. They update victim information, mail letters and compile restitution information. Volunteers also call victims after the case is closed, to obtain feedback on our Victims' Assistance services. They also assist Advocates at Grand Jury. Volunteers are needed Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Crisis Contact for Victims

Crisis Contact for Victims volunteers are on-call to assist victims over the telephone. Volunteers will provide emotional and informational support to victims. Volunteers are needed Friday evening through Monday morning.

Grand Jury Advocates

Grand Jury Advocate volunteers provide informational and emotional support to victims during the grand jury process. They get victim information, provide information to victims on the court process and refer victims to appropriate community resources. Volunteers are needed Wednesday and Thursday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Rape Victims' Advocates

These volunteers are on call for rape and sexual assault cases. The advocate provides immediate crisis intervention, is present during forensic medical examination and interviews with law enforcement, and provides follow-up support for the victim.

District Attorney's Office Assistance

These volunteers assist the support staff in the District Attorney's office. They help with warehouse organization, data entry, pull files, copy information for discovery and assemble our newspaper scrapbook.

Application Process

Volunteer applicants must pass a criminal history check, driving record check and drug test. We also contact three personal references. Applicants are invited to an interview to determine placement options and interests. Some positions have additional requirements.

Volunteer Contact Information

For more information or to receive an application:

Jill Wagner, Office Manager
Tel: 541-265-0257
Email: jwagner@co.lincoln.or.us


The volunteer program in the District Attorney's Office reduces the impact and trauma on crime victims, while improving our community's involvement in and knowledge of the legal system. Our volunteers represent various segments of the county's population.