Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team (LINT)

The Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team (LINT) is a law enforcement agency in Lincoln County, Oregon.  LINT was created in 1991 by intergovernmental agreement for the purpose combining local efforts in the enforcement of state and federal drug laws.

LINT Goals

  1.  Detect and apprehend drug manufacturers and traffickers.
  2. Gather and disseminate narcotics related intelligence information.
  3. Enhance and maintain an effective spirit of continuing cooperative effort among criminal justice agencies in Lincoln County.

LINT Objectives

  1. Identify and apprehend individuals responsible for significant criminal drug activity.
  2. Suppress patterns of major criminal drug activity within Lincoln County.
  3. Suppress organized criminal drug activity within Lincoln County, and participate in similar regional efforts.
  4. Enhance cooperation among police and prosecuting agencies in Lincoln County.
  5. Enhance the coordination of effort and resources of the participating criminal justice agencies.
  6. Establish a central collection point for information relating to criminal drug activity in Lincoln County.

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