Fee Schedule


Copying, Mailing, & Billing  [5]

Copies $0.25 per copy
Copies for veterans seeking GI benefits Free
Certified copies of documents $7.75 per doc plus .25 each additional page
Microfilm Copies $1.00 per copy
Certified Microfilm Copies $8.50 per doc plus 1.00 each additional page
Audio tape duplication $15 per tape
Microfilm reel duplication $35 per reel
Election results $0.25 per copy
Billing $4 Minimum
Abstracts $0.25 per copy
Mailing Actual cost with a $4 minimum
Location fee $3.75 per document


Licenses and Permits
Issuance of license (other than below) $5
Entertainment assembly permit $100
Junk & Secondhand Dealer license $15
Declaration-domestic partnership-registration $60
Certified copy of declaration-domestic partner $7.75
Marriage license-affidavit-issuance-registration $60
Certified copy of marriage license $7.75
Waiver of marriage waiting period $10
Duplicate marriage license $10
OLCC license approval $25


Passport Book (16 and older) $110
Passport Book (under 16) $80
Passport Card (16 and older) $30
Passport Card (under 16) $15
Passport and/or Card - expedited processing $60
Processing Fee (made payable to Lincoln County Clerk) $25.50


Petitions and Appeals
Appeal from Engineer (road work permit) $50
Special district annexation/withdrawal $150+ pub. costs
Special district formation/dissolution $300+ pub. costs
Vacate public road $500
Vacate or decrease width of county road $500
Way of necessity $150 + $1000 bond


Records Search (fee in addition to research time) $3.75
Illegible document, preparing copy of $3.75 per page


Basic fee for instruments ($11 A&T; $10 PLCP; $7 GIS; $60 Housing Alliance Tax; $5 Recording per page) $93 per document +$5 each additional page
Additional fees for certain instruments:  
   Assignment, release, satisfaction that affect more than one previously recorded instrument $5 per additional
Nonstandard instruments  [6] $20
Mining claim labor aff'd (additional claims) $.50 per additional
Mining claim location notice $10
Municipal Assessment Record $5 per page
Cooperative contract $5 per page
Cooperative contract, recording names $0.02 per page
Cooperative contract, member termination $1.25
Cooperative contract, member termination list $0.02 per name
Partition plat $58 + $5 per mylar  [7]
Subdivision plat (pre-monumented)
(i.e., not requiring ORS 92.065 survey)
$68 + $5 per mylar  [8]
Condominium plat $58 + $5 per mylar
Subdivision plat (post-monumented)
(i.e., requiring ORS 92.065 survey)
$68 + $5 per mylar  [9]
Plat or survey correction affidavit $50
Plat vacation $100 [10]


Instruments filed but not recorded $5


List of Registered Voters
On computer paper: All precincts $100
On computer paper: Per precinct $5
On labels: All precincts $250
On labels: Per precinct $10
Electronic list [11] $30


Precinct Maps
County or City $10 each


Special Notes:

5 - Copy fees must be prepaid.

6 - NOTE: "Except as provided in ORS 205.327, a county clerk shall not accept any instrument for recording unless the instrument is printed on sheets of not less than 20-pound opaque bond paper that are not larger than 14 inches long and 8-1/2 inches wide with text printed or written in 8-point type (approximately 1/8 inch) or larger." ORS 205.232. ORS 205.327 imposes an additional fee of $20 for the recording of "nonstandard" instruments.

7 - This fee includes an amount for recording by the Clerk and for review and approval by the Board of Commissioners in accordance with ORS Chapter 92. This fee does not include the additional fee for review and approval by the Planning Department and the Surveyor's Department. If a plat fails to pass review by the Surveyor, and is resubmitted, the Surveyor may charge an additional fee for that additional review.

8 - See footnote 7.

9 - See footnote 7.

10 - This fee includes the Clerk's recording fee and the fee for review by the Surveyor.

11 - Email or Disc.