Tide Gate Meeting

Tide gates allow freshwater to flow into the estuaries but prevent the upstream movement of brackish estuarine waters. The use of dikes and tide gates has enabled farmers and coastal communities to convert coastal wetlands into agricultural and grazing fields, and flood-prone lands into urban zones. (source: Tide Gates in the Pacific Northwest - Guillermo Giannico and Jon A. Souder)

Lincoln County Tide Gate Meeting
Monday, Dec. 11, 2017
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Lincoln County Courthouse
225 W Olive St, Newport, OR 97365

Purpose Statement:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of replacing failing tide gates on the coast
  • Understanding the scale of the tide gate replacement need
  • Develop collaborative strategies to repair/replace failing tide gates
  • Explore cost effective methods that are efficient to implement and supported by tide gate owners and the agencies that regulate them
  • Provide opportunities for technical assistance and/or funding

Objective: Engaging local landowners, tribes, communities, conservation organizations, state and federal agencies and others is critical, as their participation is essential to achieving long term ecological, economic, and community resilience goals. We want to hear directly from landowners and local communities, partners and others about what is working and what is not regarding failing tide gates.  What advice do you have for us?  What are your worst fears?  What are your best outcomes?