Resources for Pet Owners

Pet retention programs

We understand the importance of helping to keep pets in the homes they already have, and helping people care for the pets they love. 

Food Bank/Meals on Wheels

The Lincoln County Animal Shelter collects and distributes food through our pet food bank.  We also partner with Meals on Wheels to provide food for the pets of seniors and home bound citizens throughout Lincoln County.  We always accept new or opened bags of dog and cat food.  We ask that pets on the food bank program be licensed, and spayed or neutered within 4 months or by the fourth draw. Thanks to funding provided by FOLCAS (Friends of Lincoln County Animals), we offer spay and neuter assistance (up to $100) for those registered with our food bank program.

Central Coast Humane Society Programs
Assistance for Pets and Community / Neighborhood Cats

CCHS helps offset the costs of spay/neuter surgeries, including flea medications (one time) and rabies vaccinations. 

CCHS will pay for the cost of spay/neutering and rabies vaccinations of any stray or community cat until our quota / dollar amount for a particular month is met. CCHS generally has traps available to loan and, occasionally, may offer a volunteer to help trap a cat.  People taking advantage of this program need to first advise them what vet you will be using. They ask that you first talk to your vet to find out any restrictions they might have on accepting community cats (i.e. days/ hours), and to call them at 541-265-3719 for instructions.

When an owner is faced with large vet bills, CCHS tries to help. While they can't pay the entire bill, they do allocate funds for you to get your animal into a vet to see the depth of what it will take to handle the condition. Depending on the outcome of the initial exam, they may be able to provide additional assistance. Call 541-265-3719 and a volunteer will call you back generally the same day (week days).